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KERKYRA MARINE SERVICES books yachting holidays in the Ionian and world wide. With plenty of choices, find the holiday yacht of your dreams!
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KERKYRA MARINE SERVICES offers a number of choices when it comes to booking your next Ionian Sea sailing holiday. The Ionian Sea is a very special place, consisting of seven main islands surrounded by numerous other islands, all of different sizes and shapes and with many jewell-like bays. The mainland of Greece, bordering the Ionian Sea, should not be forgotten with its many beautiful harbours and bays. Most sailing holiday destinations in the Ionian are between the islands of Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaca and Kefalonia. Many islands are within a day's sailing of one another, while others are easy to reach within hours. Therefore, the Ionian Sea is a wonderful area for a relaxed sailing holiday--perfect for those who seek fun and leisure, no matter what age.

Sail in the blue waters of the Ionian Sea and enjoy the scenery. Anchor in one of the many bays for a leisurely lunch and refreshing swim. Enjoy a walk through a village. Have a drink on an vine-covered terrace. Try a mouthwatering dish at one of the many traditional Greek tavernas. Or simply relax on the yacht, watching people go by and peacefully passing time away. It doesn’t matter what size your party--whether you're just a twosome, a family, or a large group of friends--at the end of your sailing vacation you will have seen many different places, swum in many bays, enjoyed plentiful and palatable dishes, and, most importantly, feel rested from your holiday.

KERKYRA MARINE SERVICES is based in Kontokali, Corfu--a gateway village to Gouvia Marina--and arranges bookings with many of the best sailing holiday charter companies based in Corfu. Each company is different, with their own set of specifications, rules and regulations. There are different possibilities for your departure/arrival place, such as Corfu, Lefkas and Palairos as well as the vast possibilities in the Aegean Sea; there are different size sailing yachts and catamarans, from 27 ft/8,10m to 52 ft/15,60m. That's why it is important to fill out the booking form (seen at the bottom of this page). KMS will respond to your enquiry with detailed information.

The choice is up to you. There are several possibilities to have a successful sailing holiday. In your enquiry you can mention which type of holiday you are interested in.

Bareboat sailing allows you to decide your own plans, routes and discoveries.

Flotilla sailing allows you to discover the beauty of the Ionian in an easy, comfortable way. Flotilla sailing consists of a lead crew that meets with skippers and crew each morning to inform them of the possible sailing routes, where to find the nicest bays,  navigational hazards, and which harbour will be the end station of the day. There, at the end of the day, the flotilla lead crew assists you in finding a place to moor up. In the evening, you can join a group meal with the people from the other yachts, or, if you wish, you can spend the evening with your own crew. The most important aspect of Flotilla sailing, though, is that you receive all the necessary information before you sail off on your own. You can spend the day as you wish on your own yacht before coming back with the other members of the flotilla in a new village. Flotilla sailing is a great way to meet new people and feel secure with the guidance of an experienced and able crew.

Crewed charters are another possibility when it comes to your sailing holiday. If you have a special occasion, if you deserve a treat, let yourself be taken around the Ionian with a skipper, and possibly a hostess, on board your sailing yacht or catamaran. Experienced skippers, many of whom live in Corfu year round, safely sail you around the Ionian as they make sure you encounter the most delightful places in the region. Hostesses prepare breakfast and lunch on board as well as shop. Beyond this, they perform the basic cleaning on the yacht so you don't have to. If you want to be looked after while on holiday by a caring crew, then crewed charters are a perfect sailing holiday option.

All sailing yachts, from the larger companies, include:

Depending on the yacht size and/or company, yachts include:

* Excluded items:Transfers, security insurance or guarantee deposit,
diesel and water used, end cleaning.
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