After a wonderful summer of sailing in the Ionian, yacht owners may decide to leave their yacht at Gouvia Marina located at Kontokali, Corfu. Beginning in October and continuing through April, KERKYRA MARINE SERVICES can perform necessary maintenance and repairs.

Prior to your departure from Corfu, Jan Goes will make an estimate of work to be done with each yacht owner and inform him which jobs can be done by KMS and which jobs must be sub-contracted. He will also honestly inform owners which jobs cannot be accomplished by either KMS or by its subcontractors.

Many servicing needs can be accommodated by KMS in our shop or at the site of your yacht in Gouvia Marina. Some of these services include:


KERKYRA MARINE SERVICES offers maintenance and guardianage on your yacht while docked at Gouvia Marina. As a result of our relationship with Gouvia Marina Officials, we are able to perform maintenance year round inside the marina, with intensive maintenance performed during October thru April. Learn more...

For specialized maintenance or repairs, we work hand-in-hand with several other independent contractors while always maintaining the role of coordinator, thereby guaranteeing quality workmanship at each step in the process of the job. Some of the jobs we often sub-contract are: work related to engines; electrical; stainless steel; sails and upholstery.

During the progress of your repair and/or maintenance work, we maintain communication with each yacht owner, because as any yachtsman knows, once maintenance is undertaken, surprises may occur. We work closely with each client to ensure the client's satisfaction. The client will be provided a cost estimate for any additional service determined to be necessary before the work is commenced.

Other services include: deliveries; skippering (RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore); yacht related trade; cleaning and shopping service; bookings for charter yachts for sailing holidays world wide; yachts for sale (intermediary).

All administrative duties are performed by Antoinette Goes, who provides each client with monthly updates. Communication is available by e-mail, fax, telephone or mobile.
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